Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not All Work

Whilst most of the time at the Boat Lagoon is spent working on our boats, there are some 'down times'. As always for us cruisers wherever we go we always make new friends or meet up with old cruising friends, often completely unexpected, which is great.
The main meeting place for us all here is the 'Food Hall' close to the entrance to Boat Lagoon where locals, workers and cruisers alike go for their lunch.  There are three eating places but we have favoured 'Momma's' for the extremely good cheap Thai food.  Alan particularly likes the Chicken Musaman Curry which is served most days as part of the canteen help yourself meal.  He never seems to tire of it and has it most days!  It's far too hot for me so I choose something of the menu which Momma cooks in one of her big woks.  Meals cost between 50-70baht (£1-£1.50) so cheap for all the very fresh veggies, seafood and chicken used.

Momma in her kitchen

Momma often has 3 or 4 woks on the go at once in very cramped hot conditions

The appartment that we have rented for the duration of the re-fit is one of the larger ones which overlooks the marina.  It is also close to the hardstand where Moonfleet is situated.  We were recommended by Robyn and David from Maajhi-Re to choose a larger one as it doubles up as a store for all the gear taken off the boat and we had plenty of that!  We had a little kitchen but it had no cooking facilities, cutlery or crockery so for what little cooking we did, we used a single burner camping gas cooker which we had on the boat for emergencies. As there was no air- con or fan in the kitchen it wasn't somewhere that one wanted to spend much time anyway.

The view across the Boat Lagoon Marina from our apartment. Tourist boats in the foreground

Tour boats struggling to leave the marina at low water springs as its shallow and very muddy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back to Boat Lagoon

Moonfleet is still under refit at Boat Lagoon but our blog is to be changed. Thanks to Ley from Crystal Blues for her help to get me started on the new blogsite.  To see our old blog site click here.

The external paintwork is now finished except for anti-fouling below the waterline which we will do before she goes back in the water.  However Nai's guys still have work to complete inside - painting and varnishing but we have halted that whilst we refit all the deck fittings and transfer all our belongings from the apartment back to the boat as we return to the UK for a couple of months on the 8th July.

Moonfleet new stern

Mr Oh's team, led by Luck at the Boat Lagoon Marina, painted our decks and hull - a long 3 month job, but we are very pleased with the shiny new finish. Using Alexseal paint, Moonfleet is now Whisper Grey with Matterhorn White decks and Astra Blue boot-line.

To see more pictures of our refit click below ....