Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Agatha Christie's House

We stayed at Kingswear another day to visit one of Agatha Christie homes at Greenaways further up the River Dart.  We caught a ferry up the river and then climbed the steep hillside up to the house, which is now owned by the National Trust.  It is a very interesting place to visit as all her property remains in the house just as it was when she lived there.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside.  The house itself is beautiful, set high up with views down the river and across the surrounding countryside.
After we had visit the house and gardens we walked back to Kingswear, about 5 miles, along an undulating path, mainly high above the river with lovely views of the countryside.
The River Dart looking towards Dittisham

Agatha Christie's House at Greenaway

David and Jane at Agatha Christie's House

View on the walk up to Agatha Christie's House

Jane and Diane on our walk back to Kingswear
above the River Dart

David and Jane on the walk back to Kingswear

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yarmouth to Dartmouth

The Lymington to Yarmouth Ferry crossing the Solent
 at Sunrise 

At 6am the following day, the 9th August, we left Yarmouth just as the sun was rising.  It was quite surreal, flat calm with a sea mist rising off the water as we motored out. 
Passing the famous Needles Lighthouse, Alum Chine cliffs were still shrouded in mist.
It was 80 nm to Dartmouth our next stop, we couldn’t call into Weymouth as the area was closed due to the Sailing events for Para Olympics taking place there.  The sea remained flat calm and we had no wind at all so it was long motoring day but very pleasant to be able to wear shorts and t-shirt at sea in UK!
We arrived in Dartmouth about 6pm and berthed at Kingsweir marina – opposite the town of Dartmouth.  It was a beautiful evening so we caught a ferry over to Dartmouth to find somewhere to eat.  We were rather shocked at the exorbitant prices that even the pubs were charging and when we finally found somewhere the food was very poor even though expensive.  However we enjoyed our evening watching the wonderful setting sun light up the houses on the hills behind Kingsweir.

Sunrise off Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Larkrise leaving Yarmouth, Dave at the wheel
Passing the Needles Lighthouse Isle of Wight
Dartmouth, Devon
Dave and Jane as we enter the River Dart

Kingsweir highlighted by the setting sun

Cruising the South Coast of England

15th August 2012

My brother David and his wife Jane recently bought, a new to them, Moody 39 which they wanted to move from the Hamble, Southampton to Falmouth where they have a mooring at Mylor on the river Fal.  I offered to do the trip with them and we set off from the berth in the Hamble in strong head winds and stormy skies but it wasn’t far down the Solent to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, where we were to spend our first night.   It was great to visit Yarmouth again as we used to moored our Nicholson 31 on a pile mooring up the River Yar.
As the forecast was for bad weather for the following day we decided to stay in the marina for another night and make the most of some of the lovely walks up the river.  The weather greatly improved as the day progressed so we had a very enjoyable day.  We found a very good Bistro for lunch and decided to go back there for dinner that evening.

Dave and Diane along the River Yar, Yarmouth

Dave and Jane at Yarmouth

Tidal Mill on the River Yar, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to the UK again

31st July 2012

Alan was offered some off-shore work in Sakhalin, a Russian island north of Japan, which he decided to take but it meant a big rush for us to get the apartment cleared of all the fittings and fixtures from Moonfleet that we had stored whilst the refit was being completed. Working under pressure in the heat of Thailand is very exhausting. I was left to finish clearing the apartment because Alan had to leave for London a week earlier to apply for his Russian visa.
After an initial stay in London with our son Jules and his girlfriend Nicky I took Alan to Heathrow for his flight to Russia and then drove down to Dorset.  Once again our dear friends, John and Christine let me use the annexe to their house, a perfect little retreat for me, made all the more enjoyable having their good company at the same time having my independence.
The annexe is in Alderholt so very well located – my sister Joy only about 10 miles away and lots of old friends live close by.  It’s also ideally situated for the runs with the HOV Hash on a Weds evening, as they are located in a wide area around Salisbury.
Soon after I arrived I drove to Bristol to visit Alan’s mum who lives in an Abbeyfield Care home there.   Alan’s twin brother Keith and his wife Amanda live very close to the home so I stay with them which is lovely as I so enjoy their company
Bristol Festival

Amanda at the Bristol Festival which was located around the canals

Happy times with Alan's mum, Dotti, at a BBQ at Amanda and Keith's home in Bristol.
Hard to believe that Dotti is 92years old in this photo! 
West country singers at the Festival
Replica of old pilgrim boat that sailed to America, Bristol