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29th December 2012

Suzy and Paul Natasha’s parents invited us to spend the night with them at their new home in Bendigo a good 2 hour drive away from Melbourne.  Bendigo is a very interesting town with many grand old buildings.  It was established in the 19th century as a result of rich find of gold here during the Australian Gold Rush.   There are many open-caste mines as well as a network of deep shaft mines some of which are still operational.  I had been down one of the underground mines to 90 metres on a previous occasion, which gave me a real insight to the horrors of working in such conditions with only a candle to see by!

Suzy and Paul's house

Garden view to the lake

Alan and Paul at the lake now very low in water

Suzy and Paul’s house, a 1970 architectural designed house, is a little way out of Bendigo in the bush, and is situated on a large plot with many gum trees and a lake, although they are trying to establish a more Mediterranean garden against all the odds of the extreme temperatures of 40+C in the summer and lack of rain.  But if they are successful it should be a beautiful place.

BBQ breakfast at Paul and Suzy's house
We enjoyed a meal at an Italian restaurant in the evening and Paul cooked us a great, true to form, Aussie breakfast on the BBQ the next morning.

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