Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia

27th December 2012
Healesville Sanctuary was established in 1934 and covers 74 acres. It is a zoo specialising in native Australian animals and has a history of breeding rare and endangered species.  It was about an hours drive from Steve and Natasha’s home, so we all decided to spend today here.  This was our last full day with Jules and Nicky, before they left for  a few days in Japan.
It was a very interesting day seeing some animals that are not easy to find outside captivity, especially the Tasmanian Devil and Echidna.
Tasmanian Devil now threatened by a mouth cancer

Tasmanian Devil

Ferocious Tasmanian Tiger - this ones stuffed but Ben and Emily
 looked now extinct scared by it! 

An Echidna - a fairly common Australian native animal
but rarely seen in the wild

No Zoo is complete without the kangaroo!

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