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Christmas Day 2012

Ben with Airfix plane from Jules and

Christmas Day 2012

Ben and Emily slept surprisingly late this morning but they didn't waste any time before they were into opening their stocking presents, 

Ben favourite Lego - Star Wars from
Granny and Grandpa
Happy Emily

Emily opening Rummy-O from Mummy and

after which we enjoyed our traditional scrabbled eggs, smoked salmon and champagne breakfast.

Christmas breakfast
Emily couldn’t wait to try out her new bike so after breakfast we went over to their school, which is just opposite their house, where she could ride around the playground.
Emily on her new bike

She's just tried out her new bike lock
Late morning Suzy and Paul arrived with Natasha’s grandmother, Joan as did Natasha’s sisters, Tamara and Juanita and their husbands and children.  Their was a total of 13 adults and 4 children for Christmas dinner!  Juanita’s children spent Christmas day with their father.

Suzy arrived with table decorations that looked beautiful when she had finished.

Suzy adding her very artistic touch to the table

Chocolate bon-bons - the final touch on the olive trees
Whilst the adults enjoyed pre- dinner drinks, the children opened yet more presents.  Ben was delighted to have a second Darth Vader light saber to be able to fight against his friends, after he’d practiced with Jules and Suzy

Darth Vader battles with Suzy and

Steve and Natasha’s recently completed extension and renovation was such a wonderful space for us all to spend Christmas.

Tamara, Paul, Ruby and Lily
Suzy and Emily - Emily wearing the dress I made her for

Steve very successfully cooked the turkey on the Webber BBQ

Steve preparing the turkey for the BBQ - whilst Alan makes

What a spread!
Waiting patiently to start a wonderful meal

and we had huge prawns, honey glazed ham, studded with cloves, and some delicious salads prepared by Natasha’s sisters.  Paul, Natasha’s father, traditionally makes the Christmas pudding and brandy custard that as usual was very scrummy

Jules and Steve

What a wonderful Christmas Day – Thank-you Steve and Natasha.

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