Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rebak Island Again

After another overnight anchorage off Puala Tarotao an island just north of the Thai/Malaysian border we reached Telaga, Langkawi, on 15th November 2012 and checked in to Malaysia - very laid back formality at this port of entry.  Having seen Immigration to stamp our Passports we then found the Customs Official was asleep in the chair. A woman appeared to take one of the forms issued to us in Phuket, saying that she didn’t need us to do anything else as the Harbour Master was on holiday.   We were through in minutes, a procedure in Phuket that takes at least half an hour and often much longer as they require so many forms to completed which creates long queues.

Pool at Rebak Resort
overlooking the sea and Langkawi Island 
Having ‘Checked In’ we made our way over to Rebak Marina just a short distance away, where we had booked a berth.  It was like coming home as we have spent many periods here over the last 3 years.  The marina is part of the Taj Hotels resort and yachties can use the facilities of the resort whilst here.  The main attraction being the lovely pool overlooking the sea. However we were so busy working on Moonfleet that we did make much use of it this time.

We worked solidly for over 2 weeks  re-fitting gear to the boat, replacing toilets and bilge pump hoses – the lists goes on and on and although we are still nowhere near finished we decided that we needed a break.  As I have always regretted that we didn’t make it to Borneo after the electrical fire we had onboard in the Tioman Islands when we were on our way there in 2011, Alan booked flights for us from Langkawi to Kuching leaving on the 30th November. 

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